As DrVilla°Suits , we would like to briefly inform you about the measures we take to provide you and your loved ones with the comfort and hygiene of your home and to ensure your safety;

  • We have increased our sensitivity in cleaning the common areas (sauna, sun loungers, stairs, door handles, etc. )
  • We made sure that the cleaning materials used were hygiene products with general recommendations.
  • We gave the trainings of Covid-19 Coronavirus protection and awareness to all our staff.
  • We have been meticulous about disinfecting all usage areas with ozone and ultraviolet machines.
  • We took care to ensure that all textile products offered to you are washed at the appropriate temperature and packaged with a " sterilized " label.
  • We provided all national and internationally accepted standards, especially the "regulation on the health principles to which swimming pools will be subject" , in private pools for our villas .
  • We provided general hygiene conditions and analysis results are controlled by the "District Health Directorates", are carried out by accredited laboratories.
  • We ensured that the periodic maintenance and cleaning of air conditioner filters are carried out regularly by authorized services.
  • We hung sterilized door seals to make sure that you are the first to enter our villas after all these procedures .
  • Working together with "Kale Security", one of the leading companies in security in Turkey (with alarm, temperature sensors and infrared cameras), we took care to keep your security at the highest level without compromising your privacy.