Covid-19 / Coronavirus we live in 2020 The pandemic process has made us remember once again the importance of the concept of isolated holiday . For this reason, our company, whose main field of activity is to invest in different fields, especially real estate, has decided to invest in the field of villa accommodation with professional management at high standards, first of all, it registered the " DrVilla°Suits " brand from the "Turkish Patent and Trademark Office" and has done important professional hotel management. It has prepared a management plan by consulting institutions.

Right after, it is within walking distance from Kadriye District of Belek Tourism Center, one of the most important tourism centers of Antalya, to the “ Rixos – The Land of Legends ” hotel, tourism centers, markets, restaurants and entertainment centers, a few minutes to the beach, easy for land and air travel. It started the construction of villas in different concepts by purchasing land in an accessible location .

We aim to continue our services in the hotel/accommodation sector, which we started with villas in the concepts of Premium ( Casa Diva ), Honeymoon ( Casa Mia ) and Family ( Casa Riva ) villas in the first place, with our villas in different concepts that are under construction.

Our service policy; “ To offer you your freedom by combining comfort with security and a magnificent location ”

DrVilla® Suits is a brand of “ Dr Investment Consulting Limited”